The innovation introduced by AURES is of such a magnitude as to make it revolutionary.  The audio recognition technology makes it a fully automatic system, independent of human presence, which brings with it multiple advantages.

Automatic = more reliable and accurate

  • The human brain has a limited number of known languages, AURES does not.
  • The human ear can often misunderstand, AURES cannot.
  • The operator can often go out of sync, AURES cannot.

Automatic = problem solving

  • With a refresh rate of 2-3 seconds, AURES is always “listening”. Whatever happens during the projection, the system “always knows where it is” and is capable of reposition itself correctly within a few moments.
  • An apparatus for detecting and adjusting frame rate discrepancies (e.g., 24 – 25 FPS conversion) has been included in its audio fingerprinting

Automatic = cost efficient/cheaper

  • By not having to use a technician or operator, greatly lowers out-of-pocket expenses (projection costs, per diem, eventual transfer expenses such as lodging, board and general travel costs) are also reduced.

Inevitably, the greater the number of operators needed, the greater the costs.  AURES completely reverses this scenario.  The greater the number of movie rooms and screenings, the greater the savings.